Board Event @ Dinos

This is the menu selection form for the NON-PROFIT Board Meeting for Dec 11th, 2023,

6:00 to 8:00PM

(ISC)2 Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter

Non-profit Board Meeting

  1. 6:15 PM – Welcome and Introductions

Host Introduction:     

Brief Overview of the Evening’s Agenda

  1. 6:20 PM – History of ISC2- DFW Chapter and Legal Status

Presenter: Scott Geye, President ISC2 Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter 

Detailed history and milestones of the chapter

 Presenter: KJ Haywood, President (ISC)2 Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW), Non-profit.

Current legal status as a 501(c)(3) entity with the state

  1. 6:30 PM – Dinner Service Begins

             6:45 PM – Presentation Starts

Presenter: Will Birchett & KJ Haywood  

Board Structure Outline: Overview of the board’s composition, structure

Bylaws development and voting authority


Presenter: KJ Haywood & Stephen Susser

Overview of funding sources, strategies

 Presenter:  Brian & KJ Haywood

Required Business services (e.g., email, media)

Titles of Executive Members

Presenter: KJ Haywood

Chapter and Board Membership recruitment

Criteria for membership, benefits, and responsibilities

  1. 7:15 PM – Brain Storm – Roundtable

Continuation of Presentation – Next Steps

Discussion of immediate and future actions for the board

Introduction and explanation of executive members’ titles and roles

Detailed description of board roles and responsibilities

                  Next Working Meeting: January_____, 2024

8:00 PM – Closing Remarks